Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Quest for Change for WALK-ONS Nationwide, in ALL Sports...

November 20, 2014

Today marks the first day of this WALK-ON U Blog, and my quest to Rally a Nation behind Every Male and Female WALK-ON Student Athlete in Every Sport represented within the NCAA at all levels, but especially within the Division I ranks.

It is very sad that in 2014, Walk-Ons, nationwide, are STILL disrespected.  It is NOT shameful that Division I Universities make millions on top of millions.  The shameful part comes in when they step on the backs of Walk-Ons to do it as they run to the bank.  

Hey, I have no problem with schools making millions.  That is terrific.  But, would it be a crime to use less than 1% of that money to take care of the student athletes who take care of you?  Would it be a sin to actually cover training table, the nutritious meal given to the 'scholarship' players, so walk-ons would not have to fork over money to fuel their own bodies?  Believe it or not, some schools are STILL charging Walk-Ons money to fuel their bodies - this might be the most shameful and embarrassing decision of all - and those schools will soon be exposed so future walk-ons will know which schools take care of walk-ons and which schools don't.

I'm in the middle of my investigation. I will not report on these schools - yet.  I gave my word they have until the January vote to right the wrongs.  Some will, some wont.  Those that don't will endure the consequences. 

These schools may not build their teams around Walk-Ons, but upon the Walk-Ons back they build their team.   

In January, the NCAA and Power Five Conferences will be voting once again for reforms.  It is our job; as sports fans, as parents, as players, as administrators, as coaches - nationwide, to come together, and pressure the money making decision makers that the time has come to take care of ALL student Athletes BEFORE dropping millions into coaches salaries. 

 What THEY Don't want you to know will be Exposed here in this Blog and come January, we will see which schools do the right thing.  There are numerous issues at hand, and they will be reveled here.

I am reaching out to anyone and everyone reading this Blog to support Walk-On student-athletes, support the reforms I put forth in the coming weeks in this Blog.  I will need your help.  Stay tuned and I will keep you updated almost daily of the issues at hand and the rules and polices that need to be reformed.  

Make A Statement!
Tim Lavin

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