Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Secrete Tips for WALK-ON Players and Parents

With Signing Day in the Distance, Coaches seek WALK-ONS!  What YOU should know!!!

-Tim Lavin
March 10, 2015

A month ago the nation was treated to the “Blue Chip Show.”   Four and Five-Star Recruits from around the nation signed National Letters of Intent declaring their allegiance to colleges and universities around the country.  While it is a sweet day for those that sign on the dotted line, it is a bitter day for those who have been overlooked.  Their future and dreams are in limbo.

Being a “Walk-On” was not part of the original plan for those who were not served with scholarship papers, but now it is a reality.   For those without a school to call their own, it is time to pull up their boot straps and take that uncommon journey.

Speaking from personal experience and extensive research I penned the book; “WALK-ON U: The Shocking Truth Behind Football’s Unsung Underdogs.”  www.WalkOnU.com

I wrote the book for every walk-on – and their parents – to understand the reality of the walk-on life.  Very important tips are given to help walk-ons rise up in the unfavorable system they endure.  Understanding the mindsets that are at play within the system of coaches and their favorite scholarship players is critical to comprehend so as to be better prepared mentally.  The walk-on life will take a physical and mental toll on these young players.  The more information they have, the better off they will be. 
In the book I spoke with and quoted the likes of Tom Osborne, Lou Holtz, Terry Donahue, Jackie Sherrill, Dabo Swinney, Karl Mecklenburg, Steve Mariucci, Don James, Gary Bernardi, Pete Carroll, and Mike Sherrard.    
This is a crucial guide to help Walk-ons through the drudgery of; school schedule, strength, nutrition, training room, playbooks, techniques, leverage, vision, discipline, and the mental game.  The pros and cons, the good, the bad, and the ugly is really the ugly, the bad, and the good – in that order.  But, there will be a price to pay – literally…

I want to help every walk-on, nationwide, male and female in all sports!  If you are going to walk-on, if your son or daughter is taking that road, this book is for you.

For a Signed copy of the book:  www.WalkOnU.com    Digital Version for Kindle and Nook at www.Amazon.com and www.BarnesandNoble.com
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Tim Lavin