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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Secrete Tips for WALK-ON Players and Parents

With Signing Day in the Distance, Coaches seek WALK-ONS!  What YOU should know!!!

-Tim Lavin
March 10, 2015

A month ago the nation was treated to the “Blue Chip Show.”   Four and Five-Star Recruits from around the nation signed National Letters of Intent declaring their allegiance to colleges and universities around the country.  While it is a sweet day for those that sign on the dotted line, it is a bitter day for those who have been overlooked.  Their future and dreams are in limbo.

Being a “Walk-On” was not part of the original plan for those who were not served with scholarship papers, but now it is a reality.   For those without a school to call their own, it is time to pull up their boot straps and take that uncommon journey.

Speaking from personal experience and extensive research I penned the book; “WALK-ON U: The Shocking Truth Behind Football’s Unsung Underdogs.”

I wrote the book for every walk-on – and their parents – to understand the reality of the walk-on life.  Very important tips are given to help walk-ons rise up in the unfavorable system they endure.  Understanding the mindsets that are at play within the system of coaches and their favorite scholarship players is critical to comprehend so as to be better prepared mentally.  The walk-on life will take a physical and mental toll on these young players.  The more information they have, the better off they will be. 
In the book I spoke with and quoted the likes of Tom Osborne, Lou Holtz, Terry Donahue, Jackie Sherrill, Dabo Swinney, Karl Mecklenburg, Steve Mariucci, Don James, Gary Bernardi, Pete Carroll, and Mike Sherrard.    
This is a crucial guide to help Walk-ons through the drudgery of; school schedule, strength, nutrition, training room, playbooks, techniques, leverage, vision, discipline, and the mental game.  The pros and cons, the good, the bad, and the ugly is really the ugly, the bad, and the good – in that order.  But, there will be a price to pay – literally…

I want to help every walk-on, nationwide, male and female in all sports!  If you are going to walk-on, if your son or daughter is taking that road, this book is for you.

For a Signed copy of the book:    Digital Version for Kindle and Nook at and
Make a Statement!
Tim Lavin

Thursday, December 4, 2014

WALK-ON U a big part of Associated Press Article

 WALK-ON U a big part of Associated Press Article

December 4, 2014

When news broke that the body of Ohio State Walk-On football player, Kosta Karageorge, was found dead in a trash dumpster a few days ago, there was a story to be told.  More details will unfold in the coming days and weeks, but it begs to question; how are walk-ons being treated these days?

I was honored when AP reporter Steve Megargee called on me to contribute to his article; "Coaches say walk-ons are treated well" published today (12/4/14)

Of course any story has limitations because of available space and the reporter must do his best to be fair and balanced.  I feel Megargee did that and I was proud to be part of his article.

The issue of walk-ons and how they are really treated from top to bottom will vary greatly from current coaches to former coaches, from current walk-ons to former walk-ons.  The world of walk-ons entails many facets and becomes very convoluted depending on the specific topic, who you talk to, and what school they attend or are employed by.  With 128 Division 1A (FBS) schools on the map, there will be a wide range of treatment.

Some of that treatment squares solely on the coaches and their personal policies and or opinions of walk-ons.  Some of the unfair treatment rests on the rules of the NCAA.  This is why I have a written a 7 page appeal; WALK-ON U: The Inclusion Petition into the NCAA.

I will seek to get this Petition into the hands of all NCAA voting members, conference chairmen, athletic directors, and the national media.  Change must come. There is STILL much work that must be done.

So, the great thing about this article is now we are talking about it!  We're talking Walk-Ons!  This AP News story has gone Nationwide and countless news organizations are picking this story up.  We are having walk-on discussions and I will continue my mission and quest to educate the masses, push for walk-on reforms, level the playing field (if only just a little), and show the world that walk-ons play the game to MAKE A STATEMENT!

- Tim Lavin

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Another DEAD Football Player - This Time, A WALK-ON...

Nov 30, 2014, 5:10 PM Pacific

I literally heard the news, posted it on my social media and started writing this post for the blog.

So, another Dead football player is found, most likely, it appears, a self inflicted gun shot.  A walk-on football player at Ohio State, Kosta Karageorge had been missing since the very early morning hours on Wednesday (approx. 2 AM).

The CBS NEWS Report today.

Karageorge's mother is quoted in the CBS News story that he had suffered numerous concussions.  We have heard about my USC teammates dying, Junior Seau, Scott Ross, and several other NFL players in recent years.  But,  what about the Walk-On, who so many people don't give a damn about?  Well, I do!

This story, this concussion debate, is much deeper and rooted in an unconscionable assumption that leading with your helmet / facemask is the best way to make a great block.  BULL S#%#!!!

Block and tackle with your shoulder pads! Sure, there will be some incidental contact with your helmet, but it will not take the initial blow.  Once old school football coaches realize this, football will be safer - period! 

I'm not trying to hawk or shamelessly plug my book, but this is EXACTLY what I talk about in Chapter 13, Irreparable Harm.  I explain in WALK-ON U: The Shocking Truth Behind Football's Unsung Underdogs, that Head Trauma is flagrantly just the nature of the beast for the walk-on... It is assumed that they (walk-ons) signed up for this treatment so let's use them as battering rams over and over and over again and let the chips fall where they may.

I am writing, right now, (my second edition), a six page dissertation that I will submit to the NCAA and all of its voting members, as well as the "United States Congress: Health & Safety Commission on College Sports."  My first edition of WALK-ON U: The Inclusion Petition into the NCAA was submitted in March of this year, 2014.  That catapulted Walk-Ons into the discussion chambers and ultimately granted (in April 2014) Universities the "option" (for the first time in Five Decades ) to feed Walk-Ons within the nutritional training table meals of their athletes.  Many Division I schools JUMPED on this opportunity to take care of their walk-ons.  Brazenly, would you believe, several schools STILL to choose to force walk-ons to PAY for their training table meals - all in the interest of the Almighty Dollar. (my opinion)  UNFORGIVEABLE!

In January 2015 the NCAA will vote again on Reforms.  I will make sure my WALK-ON Reforms are part of the Discussion.  We will Disclose in the WALK-ON REPORT which schools give a damn about walk-ons and which schools don't. 

Fight On for the Walk-On!
Tim Lavin

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Quest for Change for WALK-ONS Nationwide, in ALL Sports...

November 20, 2014

Today marks the first day of this WALK-ON U Blog, and my quest to Rally a Nation behind Every Male and Female WALK-ON Student Athlete in Every Sport represented within the NCAA at all levels, but especially within the Division I ranks.

It is very sad that in 2014, Walk-Ons, nationwide, are STILL disrespected.  It is NOT shameful that Division I Universities make millions on top of millions.  The shameful part comes in when they step on the backs of Walk-Ons to do it as they run to the bank.  

Hey, I have no problem with schools making millions.  That is terrific.  But, would it be a crime to use less than 1% of that money to take care of the student athletes who take care of you?  Would it be a sin to actually cover training table, the nutritious meal given to the 'scholarship' players, so walk-ons would not have to fork over money to fuel their own bodies?  Believe it or not, some schools are STILL charging Walk-Ons money to fuel their bodies - this might be the most shameful and embarrassing decision of all - and those schools will soon be exposed so future walk-ons will know which schools take care of walk-ons and which schools don't.

I'm in the middle of my investigation. I will not report on these schools - yet.  I gave my word they have until the January vote to right the wrongs.  Some will, some wont.  Those that don't will endure the consequences. 

These schools may not build their teams around Walk-Ons, but upon the Walk-Ons back they build their team.   

In January, the NCAA and Power Five Conferences will be voting once again for reforms.  It is our job; as sports fans, as parents, as players, as administrators, as coaches - nationwide, to come together, and pressure the money making decision makers that the time has come to take care of ALL student Athletes BEFORE dropping millions into coaches salaries. 

 What THEY Don't want you to know will be Exposed here in this Blog and come January, we will see which schools do the right thing.  There are numerous issues at hand, and they will be reveled here.

I am reaching out to anyone and everyone reading this Blog to support Walk-On student-athletes, support the reforms I put forth in the coming weeks in this Blog.  I will need your help.  Stay tuned and I will keep you updated almost daily of the issues at hand and the rules and polices that need to be reformed.  

Make A Statement!
Tim Lavin