Sunday, November 30, 2014


Another DEAD Football Player - This Time, A WALK-ON...

Nov 30, 2014, 5:10 PM Pacific

I literally heard the news, posted it on my social media and started writing this post for the blog.

So, another Dead football player is found, most likely, it appears, a self inflicted gun shot.  A walk-on football player at Ohio State, Kosta Karageorge had been missing since the very early morning hours on Wednesday (approx. 2 AM).

The CBS NEWS Report today.

Karageorge's mother is quoted in the CBS News story that he had suffered numerous concussions.  We have heard about my USC teammates dying, Junior Seau, Scott Ross, and several other NFL players in recent years.  But,  what about the Walk-On, who so many people don't give a damn about?  Well, I do!

This story, this concussion debate, is much deeper and rooted in an unconscionable assumption that leading with your helmet / facemask is the best way to make a great block.  BULL S#%#!!!

Block and tackle with your shoulder pads! Sure, there will be some incidental contact with your helmet, but it will not take the initial blow.  Once old school football coaches realize this, football will be safer - period! 

I'm not trying to hawk or shamelessly plug my book, but this is EXACTLY what I talk about in Chapter 13, Irreparable Harm.  I explain in WALK-ON U: The Shocking Truth Behind Football's Unsung Underdogs, that Head Trauma is flagrantly just the nature of the beast for the walk-on... It is assumed that they (walk-ons) signed up for this treatment so let's use them as battering rams over and over and over again and let the chips fall where they may.

I am writing, right now, (my second edition), a six page dissertation that I will submit to the NCAA and all of its voting members, as well as the "United States Congress: Health & Safety Commission on College Sports."  My first edition of WALK-ON U: The Inclusion Petition into the NCAA was submitted in March of this year, 2014.  That catapulted Walk-Ons into the discussion chambers and ultimately granted (in April 2014) Universities the "option" (for the first time in Five Decades ) to feed Walk-Ons within the nutritional training table meals of their athletes.  Many Division I schools JUMPED on this opportunity to take care of their walk-ons.  Brazenly, would you believe, several schools STILL to choose to force walk-ons to PAY for their training table meals - all in the interest of the Almighty Dollar. (my opinion)  UNFORGIVEABLE!

In January 2015 the NCAA will vote again on Reforms.  I will make sure my WALK-ON Reforms are part of the Discussion.  We will Disclose in the WALK-ON REPORT which schools give a damn about walk-ons and which schools don't. 

Fight On for the Walk-On!
Tim Lavin

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