Thursday, December 4, 2014

WALK-ON U a big part of Associated Press Article

 WALK-ON U a big part of Associated Press Article

December 4, 2014

When news broke that the body of Ohio State Walk-On football player, Kosta Karageorge, was found dead in a trash dumpster a few days ago, there was a story to be told.  More details will unfold in the coming days and weeks, but it begs to question; how are walk-ons being treated these days?

I was honored when AP reporter Steve Megargee called on me to contribute to his article; "Coaches say walk-ons are treated well" published today (12/4/14)

Of course any story has limitations because of available space and the reporter must do his best to be fair and balanced.  I feel Megargee did that and I was proud to be part of his article.

The issue of walk-ons and how they are really treated from top to bottom will vary greatly from current coaches to former coaches, from current walk-ons to former walk-ons.  The world of walk-ons entails many facets and becomes very convoluted depending on the specific topic, who you talk to, and what school they attend or are employed by.  With 128 Division 1A (FBS) schools on the map, there will be a wide range of treatment.

Some of that treatment squares solely on the coaches and their personal policies and or opinions of walk-ons.  Some of the unfair treatment rests on the rules of the NCAA.  This is why I have a written a 7 page appeal; WALK-ON U: The Inclusion Petition into the NCAA.

I will seek to get this Petition into the hands of all NCAA voting members, conference chairmen, athletic directors, and the national media.  Change must come. There is STILL much work that must be done.

So, the great thing about this article is now we are talking about it!  We're talking Walk-Ons!  This AP News story has gone Nationwide and countless news organizations are picking this story up.  We are having walk-on discussions and I will continue my mission and quest to educate the masses, push for walk-on reforms, level the playing field (if only just a little), and show the world that walk-ons play the game to MAKE A STATEMENT!

- Tim Lavin